Anxiety & Spin – 11/14/22


Today ended up being pretty stressful, and I had so much anxiety that I took a coma nap to deal with it. To make a long story short – there was a dental emergency with my youngest daughter. And I felt upset that she had to experience a dental trauma (she hates the dentist), and I did not have the money to cover the bill out-of-pocket due to a change in insurance and the office not being able to verify our new insurance.

I also cheated on my ketogenic diet and ate carbohydrate-rich foods that led me to feel unwell. That certainly did not help the anxiety! The ketogenic diet has helped my anxiety immensely.


After waking up from the coma nap, I distracted myself by doing some chores around the apartment. I put on my headphones and just enjoyed a variety of songs, including Christmas ones! My late sister loved Christmas music as much as I, so it was comforting to start listening to it a bit earlier in the season than usual.

Improving the Moment

I decided to tap into some Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills and look for ways to improve the moment. I asked myself,

If you did not have anxiety at this moment, what would you enjoy doing?

I mentally acknowledged that I would enjoy reading the new Kindle book that I bought, Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’m not an Amazon affiliate so this link is purely for reference if you are interested.

While reading Atomic Habits I thought of how I really needed to get back on the spin bike to burn off some carbohydrates, and I worried that I would feel too euphoric before bedtime. The book says goals are not the main focus, changing how you view yourself is, and the process of daily habits builds over time. I realized that I have been fearful of mania, so I avoid riding the bike most evenings if I miss a morning workout. It turns out that riding the bike brought me relief from the anxiety I had been feeling. My muscles feel warm and tired. I did hold back on some all-out efforts to avoid euphoria, and I think that helped.

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