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My daughter was unable to get our complex to change our lease for the new apartment so that we could move in earlier and over a week. So, we had to do it in a day-and the next day was spent cleaning. I was still charged for 3 hours of cleaning even though I thoroughly cleaned. I think that is normal for where we live though. We still have not unpacked the kitchen, living room, and bathroom items as we have roaches in the main apartment and in some of the bathrooms. Maintenance is having the EnviroPest guys come out this Friday. So, we hope to be able to clean, disinfect, and unpack the main areas soon.

Lately, because of the pest issue in the kitchen, we have been eating out. I have gained 2 pounds instead of losing weight-even after a marathon of moving! I’m pretty sure it is due to eating out and eating carbohydrates with abandon.

Senior Fitness Certification

This morning, I submitted my senior fitness final examination. I hope I did well enough on the case studies to pass. I tried to add in research as well to support my answers.


I have been a little stressed out about work lately. I did not get the promotion, and that is fine. But I think it brough up other emotions that were lurking beneath my ambitions and optimism. The challenge is to stay focused on my current job and still retain some optimism. Also, it is uncomfortable to feel upsetting emotions and to be reminded of the past and how someone previously (unrelated to current job) took advantage of me regarding offering me a job. While I forgive that person and have moved on with my life, I think I still feel some pain regarding the situation.

In the future, I want to invest more time in my wellness blog. I have been putting Nibbana Wellness on the back-burner because of other activities (fitness certifications & work), but I think that by doing some research and writing informational articles, I can further develop as a writer and move toward working in that area if working as a peer support specialist does lead to any sort of career development.

Additionally, I also have fitness certifications, and I am sure a recreational center would hire me. My preference is to work with older people now that I am in my mid-forties. I think older people are overlooked in traditional gyms that offer personal training. Recreational centers seem to be more progressive in that they also focus on senior clients.

But for now, I am very grateful for the job that I have as a peer support specialist. I think it is important work, and I fully support the advancement of warm lines run by peers with lived experience in mental health and substance use issues. Both can be very isolating conditions to live with and manage, and I very much value the time I spend with others through my work. I think I am just feeling down and frustrated right now. I have a lot happening in my life, so it is probably down to some stress as well.

Wrapping UP

Today, I am working until 3:30. Then, I pick up my daughter. When we get home, I am going to organize the living room, and I think we will try to play some Christmas music and decorate the tree. Tomorrow, after EnviroPest comes, we can consider unpacking the kitchen and bathroom stuff, but we will likely need to wait a few days before we can clean and sterilize the place.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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