Easy Like Sunday Morning

Morning Walk & Dog Park

This morning, my daughters, “Mimi” (21 years old) and “Kay” (17 years old), and I took our two dogs to the dog park/walking trail. Our Chihuahua, Gumbo, is almost 9 years old, and Fotoula (Toula) is almost 3 years old. Gumbo cannot be in the run with the other dogs because of his aggression issues. However, Toula, loves the dog park and has a great time roughhousing with her friends. Because Gumbo cannot be in the dog run, Kay and I took him for a walk on the nearby trail while Mimi stayed with Toula at the dog park.

Healing Sounds of Nature

While walking with Kay and Gumbo, I felt attuned to all of the sounds around us. Geese, in massive numbers, honked in a communicative melody as they flew overhead. A stream rippled in the background. And fallen leaves rustled in the sparse wind and cold.

I felt really happy to be walking with Gumbo and my daughter. I also felt relaxed and renewed.

Happiness or Mania?

As I shared in this previous post, “Happiness or Mania?”, I have been feeling happy lately. I worried that I was heading into mania and took measures to prevent that from happening. So far so good. I feel grounded, and happy – the kind of happy that is warm and understated. My favorite kind of bliss!

Today’s Plans

I have some work I need to get done around the apartment today. And I want to research applying for a job within an organization you already work for, as there is a position open that I would like to apply for this week.

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