Lazy Morning

Early Morning

I woke up and I did not feel like studying. Instead, I budgeted and paid some bills. I saw that my daughter’s dental office called, and I will need to pop in this afternoon to pay the bill from her emergency dental work done a few days ago.

While browsing Amazon, I found an early Christmas present for both girls. Thankfully, the brand of the gift was on sale so that helped a lot. My youngest daughter is logged into my Amazon. So, she will likely be alerted to what her present is! Originally, she logged in so that she could spend last year’s Christmas money on clothes, but she stayed logged in to snoop on my purchases. She’s a little critter like that! She enjoys telling me why I do not need something, and she likes to update me about package deliveries. Also, she likes to go through my saved for later shopping cart. Kids. I’m giggling – it’s so annoying it’s adorable.

Today’s Plans

I plan to keep today light. I think I just need some time to be lazy mentally. I have work soon so there won’t be much time for laziness then!



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