Master Trainer & Day’s Thoughts

Master Trainer

Because I completed one more fitness certification, I am now a Master-level fitness trainer. I am pretty excited about that. I hope that once I reach my fitness goals, then I will be more confident in creating content for Nibbana Wellness.

Day’s Thoughts

I am having a pretty good day. I did not get to unpack the living room or decorate for Christmas as planned yesterday, but I hope to start on that after work. The girls will be at work until the evening, and I have a lot to do in the meantime!

I have been eating fast food over a week now because we had a roach issue in the new apartment we moved into. The exterminator came yesterday, and I haven’t seen any roaches today. I hope to deep clean with bleach and then try making our first meal here. Gaining 4 pounds in a week was really upsetting, especially since I had lost 23 pounds and fought to lose that amount of weight. It is not easy losing weight on Zyprexa!!

Wrapping Up

So far today has been really nice and pleasant. I have enjoyed my time at work, and I look forward to making our new place more like home this evening.

We have a fireplace television stand. Currently, the fireplace insert is removed because the old one broke after 7 years of service. A new one is supposed to arrive today. I am hoping that it will fit into the television stand. It was hard trying to find an insert with the correct dimensions! The girls, when they get home from work, will be excited about the new fireplace heater. They have missed it, as have I. I really hope it fits and that I do not have to return it.

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