Maybe it was Memphis

Maybe it was you. Maybe it was me. But it sure felt right. ~Pam Tillis, “Maybe it was Memphis”


Spring Cleaning

Yesterday, I deep cleaned my bedroom for spring, and I fully boxed up all of my previous employer’s computer, monitor, and manuals. I haven’t received instructions on how to return those items, so I am stuck with them for a bit longer. They are now concealed beneath my bed. I think a deep cleaning helped me to mentally prepare for a different job.

Creed III

Last night, the girls and I went to see Creed III. Rocky was not in this installment, but I loved it just the same. I thought it was a great break from the original formula. I am hoping there will be a lady Creed fighter in future movies. I don’t want to spoil things.



I did my first video interview, and it was actually an enjoyable experience. Shockingly, the insurance company I applied to decided to offer me an interview. I did not do so well on the online test. I attribute this stress, anxiety, and the fact that my room was messy when I took the test. As a result, I made sure to clean my digs before submitting a video interview.

I do have another video interview for a doctor’s office, but I am not sure I want to get to it today. They might not hire me as I am not very close to Denver.

Wrap Up

Today, I plan to exercise, and I will try to relax for a bit. I have already filed my taxes, recorded a work interview and submitted it, and I have now blogged. Normally, I would peruse for more job opportunities, but I think I will take a break from that for right now.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find moments of bliss in your day.

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