Morning Thoughts

Harry & Meghan – Netflix Docuseries

This morning, I woke up at 3 AM, and I read some tabloid news about the Harry & Meghan docuseries on Netflix that just dropped. I have seen the first two episodes, and I think the tabloid noise is blown out of proportion. I hold no nostalgia for royalty, and I find the notion that some are born better than others to be a relic of an unfortunate part of human history.

I would probably more fully support Harry & Meghan if they dropped their titles altogether. What titles stand for is appalling to me, but I am, however, interested in what they have to say about the institution of royalty in the United Kingdom. Therefore, I will likely watch the last episode of the three that dropped yesterday and watch the next installment when it is available.

Unpacking/Moving In

I was too tired to unpack the living room and decorate for Christmas yesterday, so I plan to get some done later this evening. I might save decorating for until tomorrow.

Weight Loss

I regained 4 pounds this week because I have been eating out due to the roach infestation in our new kitchen. Additionally, I have been eating a lot of cheap, fatty, and oily carbohydrates like Little Caesar’s pizza. That is definitely not a healthy diet food!

Tomorrow, I am restricting carbohydrates and I should drop the 4 pounds in a few days.


Well, it is almost time to start my shift. I am optimistic about it. I have had 3 days of technical difficulties. Two days were attributed to Xfinity shutting off the internet in my building. Yesterday, my headset stopped working during work, so I raced to Walmart to buy a cheap replacement until the nicer ones arrive. May the tech gods be gentle with me today! I do not want to deal with anymore technical difficulties this week!

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