Morning Thoughts

Internal Job Application

This morning, I applied for a position within the company I work for currently. I was really nervous when writing the cover letter, but I hope that things work out. If not now, maybe later in the future.

Senior Fitness

I am behind on this course, and I really needed to take time this morning to work on it. However, I noticed a deadline on the open position’s notice, so I prioritized the job application instead.

Overstuffed Schedule

I have an overstuffed schedule for today. While I would like to get everything on my list done, I am probably going to need to pare it down.


In the past, you could create a self-hosted WordPress blog, and your posts would show up in the WordPress Reader community under various tags. Well, that is no longer true. You have to pay for Jetpack (expensive) to allow your blog posts to show up under Reader tags. Wow. That’s really a disappointment for me. I wanted to be part of the blogging community again, so I feel sad about the changes. My posts will show up in Reader if someone subscribes to my blogs and happens to be a user; they will only show up under Followed tag. Blogging was once a very inexpensive hobby; however, times have definitely changed!

Wrapping Up

I am trying to temper my excitement about the job I applied for this morning. I realize that it may not work out and I want to focus on being grateful for the position I do have.

Although I am disappointed in the changes to the WordPress blogging community, I have discovered other blogging communities that I will join soon. Blogging is more fun when you exist within a blogging community. I enjoy reading and responding to blogs; it’s a great connection with others that I miss.

Well, I am about to start my day with a shopping trip to Walmart. I tend to go early because crowded stores are hard on me.

Though I may sound a bit flat, I am actually very happy and content. And enjoying the silence of morning has been blissful.

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