Somebody Like You…

Keith Urban–because even ice cubes can thaw.

I arrived in Pueblo without a stressful drive. However, once I arrived, I realized that I had left my laptop power cord at home! This meant that I went to the public library to use the computer for job applications. I wanted to update my blog, but really, it would have been a hassle to use their computers for updating the site.

I want to love somebody like you…

Spending time with my friend was wonderful. I loved every minute I spent with him. And, yes, I do love him very much. If only Tennessee was as close to Colorado as it is to Alabama.


Now that I am in my mid-forties, love for me has changed. It isn’t possessive as much as it is spending moments of bliss together and then supporting one another. And bliss could be listening to someone’s heartbeat as they hold your hand while they sleep.

Wrap Up

I had a wonderful trip to Pueblo. The drive home was very stressful, and I encountered difficulties. But, I made it home safely. And for that I am grateful.

Wishing you moments of bliss in your day.

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